Inviolability of the Bermuda SAC upheld

Bye-Law Indemnities and Waivers for Directors and Officers

Bermuda's data protection legislation gets the green light

IFC Review: Bermuda Enacts Innovative Legislation 2022

IFC Review: Bermuda Enacts Innovative Legislation 2021

Bermuda’s Beneficial Ownership Register to be made publicly accessible

Economic Substance: Bermuda's Economis Substance regime amended with the aim of regularising the Bermuda regime with other offshore jurisdictions

Bermuda Appoints its first Privacy Commissioner

EU announces that Bermuda is listed as a non-cooperative jurisdiction

Economic Substance Update Alert

Benficial Ownership Filing Deadline Extended

Economic Substance: a new reality for Bermuda

Bermuda Beneficial Ownership Regime - Deadline Further Extended     

Solidifying Bermuda's Position As a Leading and Innovative Centre for Business     

Bermuda's Fintech Developments

Bermuda Extends Its Beneficial Ownership Regime

2017 Permit Companies Fee Increases

Ready for Takeoff - Bermuda Offshore Aircraft Registration

Limited Liability Company Act 2016

Bermuda's Register of Directors

Bermuda's Rights of Third Parties Act 2016

Innovative Partnership Law Amendments Enhance Bermuda's Appeal as a Domicile of Choice

Captive Review: Capital Leading to Consolidation in Bermuda

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Alternative Investment Funds 2015 Edition

Practical Law: Multi-jurisdictional Guide 2015 - Investment Funds

Practical Law: Multi-jurisdictional Guide 2014/15 - Corporate Governance and Directors' Duties  

Practical Law - Multi-jurisdictional Guide 2014/15 - Restructuring and Insolvency

PLC Multi-jurisdictional Guide 2013/14 - Public Mergers and Acquisitions in Bermuda: Overview

Bermuda Re/insurance - M&A: A Limited Appetite - Bermuda: responding to the AIFMD

Bermuda Streamlines its Prospectus Filing Requirements

Bermuda Exempted Partnerships

Bermuda Captive 2011 - A step by step guide to establishing an insurance entity in Bermuda

Bermuda Insurers

Haven Forbid

Canada’s First TIEA

Hedge funds & side pockets

Directors' and officers' liability



Landlord and Tenant Rights

Government urged to build arbitration centre

Bye-Law Indemnities and Waivers for Directors and Officers

Arbitrating in Bermuda: The need for a dedicated Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre

Eighteen Years after Halsey v. Milton Keynes [2004]: Is It Time for a New Halsey?

Trustee Discretion: How wide is it?

Case Note: Hiscox Services Ltd v Abraham

Case Note: In the Matter of Energy XXI Ltd

Global Legal Insights: Litigation & Dispute Resolution, 5th edition

Supreme Court considers disclosure matters in case to set aside purpose trusts

Policy considerations recognised in the Bermuda Supreme Court's interpretation of s103(3) of the Companies Act 1981

No reason why Bermuda's common law should adopt an antiquarian approach to third-party litigation funding agreements

Bermuda Supreme Court Demonstrates Commitment to Upholding International Arbitral Awards with Recent Decision

Bermuda Captive 2013 - Arbitration: what to consider

Case Note: Lancashire Insurance Company Ltd v MS Frontier Reinsurance Ltd (2012) UKPC 42

Obtaining evidence in Bermuda

Offshore: arresting development

Guide to Restructuring and Insolvency in Bermuda - PLC Handbook 2011/12


Private Client & Real Estate

Wealth Planning: The importance of Shariah compliance and what Bermuda can offer as an offshore jurisdiction

A new year: taking the time to review your Estate Plan now will pay off in the future.

Are you thinking digitally? Dealing with your digital assets

Update on Trustees and Trust Business

Adverse possession

Buying a house

In a name

Probate overview

Removing a name from deeds to jointly owned property

Selling your house

Spousal assistance provisions in estate situations

That's my right (-of-way)!

A useful tool in old age

What's in the will?

Your mortgage


Continuous employment: why it's good for you

Disciplinary action: penalties, procedures and pitfalls

Employees with disabilities: know your rights

Equal pay and prejudice

Frustration, victimisation and damage limitation

The hidden duties of employees

The hidden duties of employers

Perils of penalising part-timers

Severance allowance calculator

To resign or not to resign: when to stop suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous employers

Vexed or harassed? Sex discrimination at work

Intellectual Property

Registration of trademarks and service marks in Bermuda

Trade marks and service marks registration fee schedule

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